Dr.C.Says: Cancer Is Very Easy To Cure! (1/5)

Show: The Edge AM
Host: Daniel Ott
Website: www.theedgeam.com

Guest: Dr. Leonard Coldwell, author of “The Only Answer To…” series of books; which includes, The Only Answer To: Cancer, Success, Stress, Tyranny.

Website: www.drleonardcoldwell.com

Dr. Leonard Coldwell is a naturopathic medical doctor and motivational speaker who gives hope and dignity to millions of cancer victims worldwide, and is the Medical Mafia’s worst nightmare. He is known as the “most successful alternative doctor in the world,” says cancer is easy to cure with natural medicine and over 400 natural cures like juicing, baking soda and other inexpensive and effective cures. He says a third of cancers go away all by themselves with no treatment at all.

Dr. Coldwell was trained in Natural Medicine in Germany, and holds several medical degrees including a Ph.D in Psychology. He believes the main trigger to cancer is stress, lack of energy or will to live. He wrote his first book at age 14, Mama Please Don’t Die, for which he was offered what in today’s money would equate to several millions to just not publish that book. Dr. Coldwell went on to publish not only that book but 19 more, all huge best sellers.

The doctor exposes the Cancer industry as has never been done before and claims cancer comes and goes usually without people even knowing. But with “early detection” the cancer sleuths rush people on to the operating table, sometimes by the very next day of their “diagnosis” — pumping in toxic poisons like mustard gas and burning the body with radiation (which CAUSES cancer), and thereby succeed in killing a third of “cancer patients” in the FIRST MONTH and causing permanent damage to the bodies of the rest. The cancer “doctors” remove vital organs including the lymph glands (which is the immune system); they cut out the intestines, ensuring death by starvation. A tiny tumor that took years to develop and is hurting nothing will be treated like an atom bomb about to go off. In the last six weeks of the victim’s life, the industry will rake in most of their profits, and while the patient/victim is semi-comatose the doctors will often do multiple surgeries and thereby gain the practice they need to become specialists.

Dr. Coldwell is featured on iHealth and is a sought-after speaker worldwide. His seminars are packed, and his books have sold in the millions because his message resonates with multitudes of hurting and victimized people. The brave Naturopathic Doctor presents the naked truth of one of the biggest industries in existence, the health industry in such a way that anybody who hears his message will never look at cancer or the healthcare system the same way again.

Get Dr Leonard Coldwell’s historical secrets of healing every illness and condition naturally right now!

Dr. Coldwell’s Answers Now website: www.worldhealthnation.com

Website: www.drleonardcoldwell.com

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